Reactive Web-  Limit user to single screen/Browser

I am working on a reactive web application and one of the primary requirements is that users should only be able to have a single session.   They should NOT be able to sign in via Chrome and then also sign in via Firefox while the Chrome session is active.

The product owner has also requested that multiple tabs not be allowed in the browser.   So if a user right clicks on a link in our application and selects open in new tab this should be blocked.  (or right clicks on the tab and selects duplicate)

I do not see any out of the box tools that will enable this type of functionality; has anyone been successful in implementing something like this?  If so, any tips?   

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I see things that would be helpful for multiple login attempts.   It looks like both threads reference creating a flag that is set to true upon login and false upon logout.   The issue I'm seeing there is that most users do not "logout" they simply close the browser so the flag would be in an invalid state.

It also doesn't address duplicating or opening in a new tab.  In that case the user is already signed in via their browser so the new tab wouldn't route through the normal login process and the flag wouldn't be checked.

Am I missing something obvious here?