Dynamic Columns in Reporting


I've been exploring the Agile Reporting Services and I have a doubt: Is it possible to define what columns must appear in a report after being published?

Let me explain a little better:

Imagine that I have an entity "customer" with four attributes: ID, Name, Email and Credit (actually it is a lot bigger, but lets keep it simple here)
I created a report where I included all of those attributes and published it.
Then, my objective is to be able to select in my application wich columns should appear (using checkboxes for instance). Image that I wanted a report only with Name and Email.

Thank you for your time,
Miguel Ribeiro
Hello Miguel,

As in every challenge there are always several possible solutions, but here's some insight that will
help you determine what suits you best, according to Agile Reporting Services capabilities.

Almost every report element (like labels) alows you to bind the Visible property to any entity attribute,
input parameter or a calculated field (report expression).

This means you can have that logic (show / no show) directly related to a field from your query,
as a input parameter (ShowID: True / False | ShowName: True / False, etc) or as a boolean
expression calculated for each data row (Calculated Field).

In order to achieve this expand the Data Bindings property for a given report element and set
the apropriate binding to the Visible sub-property.

Hope this helps you.

Best Regards,
Afonso Metello