MVP Nominations for 2021 Now Open

We’re happy to announce that nominations for 2021 OutSystems MVPs are now open, and we’re excited to award our new class in just a few months. 

New MVP classes are welcomed twice per year, and here is how the process works: 

  1. The first round is collecting nominations from the Community, so members can nominate someone that has made a difference to them (Nov, 1- 30)

  2. After the nomination period, nominations are passed to the Community team and other OutSystems employees for review and feedback (Dec 1 -31)

  3. Then MVPs are selected and announced (Jan 2021)

To thank MVPs for all their hard work in transforming the Community into a library of knowledge and a place to share experiences, they are eligible for exclusive benefits like free certification, a private slack group, access to the product team, exclusive swag, and more.

If you want to learn more about the program and help you decide which of the Community members you should nominate, take a look at this blog post: What Is an OutSystems MVP and How to Become One.

We are looking for exceptional community contributors - online, offline, and in local communities. Do you know someone who deserves this award? Please nominate them by November 30, 2020.

Community Team

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Just a post, to bring this discussion to page 1 again :)

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Excellent news!

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It is really a good step and an opportunity for active community members !! 

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Woohoo! Can't wait to meet our next OutSystems MVPs in the new year!!! :)

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Thats Great!! I hope in next year be between the nominated... And lets meet this year winner.

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I will certainly make this nomination with joy. The support in this forum is fantastic and makes the learning process of the platform lighter and more fun!

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Great News!! We are excited to know our next MVPs.

Thanks for the Update!

Great news! More super professionals dedicated to the growth of the platform and the community!

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great, hope to see new marvelous guys

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Exited for the opportunity to everyone! Guys Get ready to be the best !

Great news!!!!  Very excited to know our new MVPs.

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Show us the next batch of the "crème de la crème" 

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For now, we are collecting nominations. The selection will happen next month, and we will communicate the new class of MVPs in January. Can't wait for it!!

I hope we make many nominations from the Brazilian community!

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Thanks for Info :)

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Greate news.

Great Vera!!!

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Today is the last day for the first round !!!

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Excited to hear the news

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Nice news