[OneSignal Plugin] Unable to regenerate Android App
Forge component by OutSystems R&D
Published on 09 Dec 2020
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I'm creating a health app with push notifications. I'm using HealthPlugin and OneSignal for push notifications. I first added the HealthPlugin and tested my app, and it is working fine, not until I added the OneSignal Plugin along with the existing HealthPlugin. I was able to regenerate my iOS app (I have tested it also and I'd like to confirm that I'm receiving push notifications for my iOS devices. However, the OS is throwing an error everytime I generate my Android app. 

Error compiling Cordova plugin: main/java/org/apache/cordova/health/HealthPlugin.java:574: error: cannot find symbol.

Not sure which forge component causes the issue, though the error says that it's a HealthPlugin error, I can only encounter this issue when I added the OneSignal Plugin. Is it not advisable to  mix the HealthPlugin and OneSignal? Also, I have posted the same issue under the HealthPlugin but I haven't received any response yet (https://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/65870/android-failed-to-generate-after-adding-onesignal-plugin/). Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks