Compilation Warning - Missing Module
Application Type
Service Studio Version
11.8.13 (Build 32892)
Platform Version
11.8.0 (Build 12006)

When 1-click publishing this module, the warning is given for a missing module. There was an extension being used, however, we removed this extension and are using the same external DB table in another extension. Basically the table got moved to another extension and the old extension was deleted.

This module still seems to think that it is needed and I've "removed unused references" several times. The extension is no longer on our server, so I am not sure how to proceed with fixing this warning.

Edit: I also get this warning when running a full compilation of the solution in service studio.

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If I understand it correctly, you should check if in you reference modules whether there are any modules still using the missing module

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You probably have it yet referred in the eSpace, although you are not using it. 

Go to dependencies, and you will probably see something like this , the extension that rises the error highlighted in rose with a trash icon. 

Well,  press the trash icon , apply the changes  and publish. 

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PS. If you have errors and cannot publish , this way you can easily find those modules Shingo have mention.

Well, if that happens in more then one eSpace or if it's a big one , I would open a support case (Help > Open a Support Case  ...)  

But if it is feasible, I would try to create an new module and copy screen by screen , action by action and publish it several times during the copy to discover where it is something wrongly referring the extension.