[Ciphered Local Storage Plugin] Component added to module - will the whole application now be encrypted?
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As the title suggests, I want to know if the entire local storage will be encrypted if the component is only added to a single module, or will only that specific modules local entities be encrypted? 

Similarly, if a module is added as a dependency to an application and only the producer module has the Ciphered Local Storage Plugin, will the entire application now have encrypted storage or only the local storage in from the producer?

Can anyone help to answer this question , I also want to know the plugin required to add in Every local storage module or not ?


What I have read in the documentation is below - 

What happens under the hood when I use this plugin?

This plugin replaces the platform’s default local storage database engine (SQLite) with a ciphered one (SQLCipher). The plugin generates a securely randomized key which is used to cipher the database. This key is stored on the device in a secure way, by using the KeyChain (iOS) or the KeyStore (Android).

It seems this plugin impact on Device SQLite (The Database Engine) that should impact the complete application and its Local Entity.  

The exact could be clarified by @OutSystems R&D Team :) 

Hello, I want to ask

So let's say I've installed this plugin to the development environment. Then I've added the plugin reference to a single mobile application module and re-build that app, it will using a new ciphered local storage database. 

How about the other mobile application modules? Would it be affected as well even without adding the plugin to its dependency? Because I've tried to re-build/re-generate other mobile application on the same environment it seems this plugin is also implemented (I recognize the prompt for asking required PIN when the app started). Is this possible to keep this plugin only being implemented in a single mobile application?

Thank you

The plugin will only be used by the applications where the reference to Ciphered plugin was added. Installing the plugin in your environment will not make all the mobile apps using it. You explicitly to add the plugin as reference and generate again the app.

Best regards.

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