Bug found: Agile Platform version 5.1 Community Edition ?

Bug found: Agile Platform version 5.1 Community Edition ?

Agile Platform Installer version (Community Edition) as downloaded on the 10th of October 2010.

Possible bug found in outsystems configuration tool; when the original outsystems database is renamed, and reconfigured/updated using outsystems configuration tool, ServiceCenter will no longer be functional.

How to reproduce the problem, 
1) Stop all outsystems services
2) Start only SQL Server database engine via Administration tools-->Services
3) Login to SQL Server using SQL Server Studio Management tool, rename the database from the default name "Outsystems" to "MyDatabaseName"
4) Open Configuration Tools, change the catalog name from "Outsystems" to "MyDatabaseName" 
*5) Grant the following 3 user's with permission  "OSAdmin", "OSRunTime" and "OSLog" and test the account (make sure all user' account work then proceed to the next step).
*6) Click Create/Update 
7) Click Ok to save the new settings, click yes to all prompts
8) Restart all outsystems services. (By stoping all outsystems services then starting all outsystems services).
9) Now open ServiceCenter in your web browser

You will now notice an error, and you will not be able to load ServiceCenter.
Once again, stop all outsystems, repeat steps 1 to 9 but this time rename "MyDatabaseName" back to it's original name "Outsystems", 
Now you will notice everything will be functional.

Note: Perform steps 5 and 6 as a safey measure, they are not really required because you are just renaming the database, it's still using the same database users that has already been previously granted with permissions.

Is this a bug? 

When you change the database used by the platform, you have to run the SCInstall.bat present on the installation directory and then republish all the eSpaces in ServiceCenter.

Best Regards,
Gustavo Guerra
Hello Gustavo 

Followed instructions, after running SCInstall.Bat -- ServiceCenter became functional.

However after republishing Enterprise Manager Solution via ServiceCenter, enterprise Manager still does not function
(the enterprise manager login page would load up however, when enterprisemanager tries to use the database, to check the user's account login credentials, it fails)

Error Message logged:
"Invalid object name 'OUTSYSTEMS.DBO.OSSYS_USER'.
Could not use view or function 'OS.DBO.ossys_user_t2' because of binding errors."
Hi Gustavo,

Hav eyou found the solution for the Email.

When i save the Email settings in Servcie studio , these setting do not persists .Do you know why this happens ?
Also what will be "
Default DNS Name" for the Server configuration

Whenever i try to send the mail i get following Error

outsystems"."DBO".ossys_user_t2 with key 0 was not found

Also there is not a problem with me what Robert had posted.

Please let me know.

Thanks and Rgds.
Sachin Kaulgud