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Hi there I'm trying to create a button to toggle on/off the accessibility features of my app. 

Can someone please advise on this?

I want to place this on the top nav bar.

Kind Regards

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Hi Shaan,

You can use a site property for that (read more here).

So basically you can create a site property under the folder Site Properties:

And then you can use on your If on Logic or on the UI with Site.Toggle (in my example because I named it Toggle) and to control what do you want to display when it is True or False.

Then you can control per environment and change them when you want.

EDIT: this solution is for simple things but it's not the best scalable solution if you're going to have a lot of feature toggles. For that scenario, Luís Cardoso's suggestions below are more robust and scalable. 


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Hello Shaan Rashid,

I think you need to implement Feature Toggling on your application.

You can see how to do it with these components Feature Toggle Management and ReleaseToggles 

You can also give a look at this Post

Best regards,

Luís Cardoso