Combobox is not showing special list value as default
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.8.13 (Build 32892)

Hello All,

Currently I found that one of the combobox in the app with list variable( populated from server action) is not showing the special list value '0' which indicates '-' as the default option when screen renders while other combobox are able to show '-' value as the default option.

I have checked through all the combobox during debugging session and found that whenever the screen renders, the variable of that particular and problematic combobox is always showing xxxid = 1 instead of 0 like other combobox's variables. Fyi, I have never assigned any of them in preparation and it works fine all the time until now. Any clue?

The combobox with correct default option has value as below:

The combobox with wrong default option has value as below:



Could you provide the oml file of the app reproducing the same error for the better understanding?


It is working fine in my case, Just make sure whether you have passed values like this in combo box properties or not.

Hi J u n i o r,

Can you check if the field/variable that is used as variable for the combobox really has value 0? Maybe a default value of 1 is set in the entity?

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