No action in 3 minutes and pop up a feedback message - Traditional Web

Hi all,

I'm using OS11 with traditional web. I would like to implement a function which a user has no action in 5 minutes, and the screen will have a feedback message to tell the user to do something. I've found many extensions about session, but I don't know how to implement it.

Thank you.

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I think you can try this and modify whatever you want before user is forced to logout

Hope this help

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Hi Hailly,

You can use some javascript to check if the page is idle for 5 minutes and than from the same javascript you can pop up a alert or message to perform some action.



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Please go through this link for code snippet!



Hello Hailey,

I think your issue is, you don't know how to use a forge component in your application, if I'm right.

For this issue, follow below steps :

1. First you must update your environment to latest version otherwise you will face lots of issue.

2. Click to download and in next window, click on Install in Development environment and it will be installed in your personal environment.

3. Now you have to open manage dependencies, and find this extension in left side panel(use search), click on that and you will see all the components in right side, select all and click apply.

4. Now in UI Flows, you will be able to see that forge component as reference, explore it and drag and drop component in your form. 

5. Check all the properties of component and configure as per your requirement. that's it.

Hope this helps!