Is there any way to extract all information of Action (Server and Client), Screen?

Hi guys,

I want to get all the information of:

  • UI Flows: properties, Entry point, Web screen, ...
  • Web screen: properties, variables, client action
  • Action (both server and client); properties, activities (included all the properties)

Something like this

I've tried OutDoc, but it's not detail as I want.

Anyone know if this type of thing is possible?

Many thanks,


Hi Le Duy Tuan Anh

Curious to know why do you want the information at this level , any specific requirement ?

Also AFAIK platform keeps a lot of information  in the database , you need to spend some time to look at the meta information stored in the platform entities .



Hi Pramod Jain

I want to create Detail Design based on an exist application, so I want as much detail  as possible.

Sorry, but I don't know about AFAIK platform, can you give me more information.

(I tried to look it up in System.Entities, but I couldn't find)


Hi Le Duy Tuan Anh ,

AFAIK is short form of As far as i know about the platform and was taking about Outsystems platform only. There are so many entities where platform keep such information like how many entities are there in espace their attribute and pages , blocks etc.

Please explore the system entities and you will get good information there , not sure about all information which you required but you get most of the information.




I have tried to get data from System.Activity, .Application, .Espace, .Module, .Process, ... but it's not the information that I want.

The data is still in high level.



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