Can we create full dynamic form in Reactive

Hi Outsystems Experts!

I required your input on below point please suggest.

There is new Requirment where need to create survay management project  but this should be resuable or in genraic way.

I am thinking if i  can make configurable where  we can create the workflow for like what kind of question and for whom this survey going to take and with option for question what kind of filed is need to use like radio /check box /multiple question or any other filed  or answer will be free text etc.

I just wanted to  understand  is that achivable or how we can achive this what will be best approch to design this solition 


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Hi Soni,

It is certainly possible and its all about the implementation , we did it for one of our customers project and made it configurable in react itself.

For reference you can just check the Survey app in outsystems traditional app that will give you an approach how can you design it and also the implementation idea.