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Am I the only one that after using OutSystems technical support over the last 5ish years the base methodology/process of the technical support at OutSystems is checking checkboxes in their process vs actually solving the problem?  I have talked to several people over the years at OutSystems about this and I always hear that "its being redesigned" and "we are completely redoing the process" but it just keeps going back to the same checkboxes.  

What drove this post is that the new react search dropdown widget only returns the top 4 items when you search.  I made a tech support ticket on the 27th of last month and gave a very good description of what is going on.  In my opinion at least, if its a built in widget like that that is showing an error - there is no reason for me to make an espace to demo the issue.  That should be something they should be able to EASILY do.  Nope, just about a day later (28th) I got an email asking to submit an espace demonstrating the error.  So I made an espace and submitted it on the 28th.   

Then nothing till today (a week and 2 days) and the response I get back is:


Nonetheless, in order to ensure that we proceed appropriately with this ticket, may we ask you to elaborate on the impact that this is having on your business activities? Is this behavior currently blocking anyone from using the application as expected or delivering anything as planned?

Since you mention this is happening in your Production environment as well, is this happening in a Live application, and is it affecting your end-users?


So after telling them what the error is, that it was causing unexpected behavior on my production environment (it was an end user that pointed this out to me), then providing an espace - the focus ISN'T on actually getting a solution to the problem.  It is instead on checking checkboxes on their form.  I am pretty much at the point that if their goal is to drive people to the forums vs using technical support then they have succeeded.  I am a big advocate of OutSystems - my operations wouldn't be where they are without it, but when I talk to people about OutSystems and they ask what I don't like the first thing on my list is always their technical support process.  The ONLY reason I even went to technical support for this vs a forum post is that this is a base problem with their widget that I can't edit myself and it needs to be them making the fix on their side.

Ok, rant over for the day.

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Hi Jason

Thank you for your feedback and I apologize for the delay in getting back to you. I wanted to make sure your issues were fully resolved before we can focus on the larger scope of your feedback.

You are completely correct when you say that Support should have been faster in acknowledging and replicating the issue you described. As you also indicated, for the past year we have been dealing with the problems brought on by growth and scale and had to quickly ramp the number of agents and the processes, to deal with the increased volume of issues. Some of these processes move some of the load of troubleshooting to our users, especially when they are as advanced as you. I know this is not ideal and we are working on improving the serviceability of our product to make it easier to replicate and report these kinds of issues.

We will act on the feedback you provided and ensure we fine-tune these processes to allow for faster service and less effort, aligned with the needs to make sure we are able to respond effectively to all the requests. 

We are actually starting a set of interviews with our users in the coming weeks with the objective of understanding how we can improve our Support Experience. It would be great if you have the availability to participate and provide your impressions and wishes for the improvement of OutSystems Support.


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Hi Jason,

I understand that the point of this post was to share your experience with and opinion about the OS support.   I share the observation that a lot can be improved both with the quality of the standard OS widgets, and with their process for improving that quality.  

I'm guessing maybe they are overwhelmed by growth, and I'm also guessing they could hire more engineers to work on this.

But I'm replying just in case you would be stuck with this problem and want a workaround.

It is possible to have more than 4 results on a search, just add searchResultLimit in the AdvancedFormat.

Good luck with it,