Promote Users and Groups from Development to Test Environment

Hi, been searching all morning but couldn't find an answer. 

We built 47 groups in the Outsystems Users apps in our dev environment and we are trying to set up our test and production environments. How do I promote the users and groups we already created so I don't have to copy them all over by hand?


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Hi Josh,

I understand your pain and there is, that I know of, a way to do it very quickly. I have also checked the forge and couldn't find anything for that.

Nonetheless, you can create an application which exports / imports the groups, roles within a group and even users within a group. For that you can leverage on the System tables that hold this information:

It can take you a few minutes of work or even a couple of hours but it will save you time in the long haul since probably you will repeat the same procedure for all the environments of your pipeline until Production.

Hope it helps.


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Hey Josh,

You can try to use Excel files to do it., exporting and importing the data.

It is a nice component to do!
I will try to do one for you and let you know.

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)

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Hi Josh,

Now there is a Forge component Group - User - Role Management  where you can quickly export your Groups, Group Roles and Group Users and import them on the next environment :)

You just need to have the component in both environments, download the excel files from the source environment and upload them in the target environment.

Hope it helps you.



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If you need to transfer data from one environment to another you can try a tool like this

Infosistema DMM https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/2812/infosistema-dmm

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Hey guys!

I'm sorry for took so long, I was working on this component over the weekend and did not see João had already uploaded one.

Anyway, since I already did I decided to Upload my own too (And João... you are more than invited to be part of the team if you want) :)

My approach was very similar from the one that João used.

I also used excel files to export and import the items, using multiple sheets:

However, I used some Audit and Import patterns that I usually use in my own projects.

In this component you will be able to import/export, Users, Groups and Permissions.

Also you can see if something were wrong, and in which line and sheet from your excel file:

I also added multi tenant support, but I need to run some more tests to make sure it will work.

Also, all the work will be done in background following the best practices on timers and etc.
So it is also a very good sample on how to do Import in a safe and performatic way.

Sorry for taking too long :(

Hope it helps anyone in the future!

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)