Traditional Web Course - Web Blocks exercise

I have a doubt is in this part "The StarDisplay Block expects an Input Parameter Rating . Select the average

calculated in the GetAverageRating Aggregate, by setting the Rating argument

to GetAverageRating.List.Current.RatingAvg ."

The StarDisplay block have this input parameter, the GetAverageRating Aggregate is in the PersonDetail preparation. I didn´t understand where I´ll "setting the Rating argument" 


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Hello Bernardo,

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What they pretend to say is that when you place your StarDisplay Block inside PersonDetail screen, you will need to pass value GetAverageRating.List.Current.RatingAvg in the Rating input parameter of StarDisplay Block.

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Rui Barradas

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Hello again Bernardo,

I was checking the exercise, thank you for the info :)

So you have a page called MovieDetail. And you have a block called StarDisplay which receives an input parameter called Rating.

You are supposed to place this StarDisplay block inside MovieDetail screen, which it seems that you already did according to your last image. However, since this block receives an input parameter (Rating), you need to pass a value in it, otherwise Service Studio will give you an error.

In page 13, you are requested to add a new Aggregate into the Preparation of MovieDetail screen (in order to determine Average Rating). According to your first image, it seems that you are putting this Aggregate in PersonDetail screen. You should move it into MovieDetail screen :)

After this, you are requested to pass the result of this Aggregate into the Rating parameter of StarDisplay block (letter H). You already have the StarDisplay block inside your screen, so after placing the Aggregate into its correct place, you just need to pass the resulting value in that parameter: GetAverageRating.List.Current.RatingAvg

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Rui Barradas

Hello Bernardo,

First of all, By looking into your snap I can say you have taken aggregate in wrong preparation. You can use only those aggregate data in screen which are available on that screen's preparation so here you need to take GetAverageRating in MovieDetail like below :

After this above change, you will be able to select GetAveragerating in web block's property, like below :

Hope it helps!

Let me know if it helps.