I can't create a progressive relationship


I am beginner and I still have a difficult with database. This is for Web Traditional.

I want to create a relationship that have a progression in a Table to insert data. And I don't Know how do this in creation of Entities and Attributes and it's relationships.

Something looks like this:

Dessert »»» 1 - Ice Cream. 2 - Cake. (I choose Ice Cream). »»» 1 - Strawberry. 2 - Chocolate (I choose Chocolate) »»» 1 - Small. 2 - Medium. 3 - Large. (I choose Large) »»» 1 - Take away. 2 - Table.

Please, someone help me saying how I will build this? (With a lot of details, PLEASE)

Thanks for advance.

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Hi Christian,

What you seem to be describing is a dessert which has a type, a flavor, a size and a serving. For that scenario, since your attributes seem to have static values I would create a static entity for them and an entity Dessert which relates to them with a foreign key. Something like in the picture below (tables on the right):

In this way, your Dessert table has one type, a flavor, a size and a serving.

Hope it helps.