How to Add validation in reactive if form has data from 2 entity
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HI All,

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 I need to validate the form where i have data from 2 entity and i have 2 forms  and  one button 

how we can set the validation becuase in screen  one form i have set of dropdown or input that is mendtaory and in second form in screen have inputs in same screen 

how i can set the validation  for 2 form  widget using one save button  

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Rank: #20000

How to perform validation in one button for 2 entity (in diffrent form widget) in reactive for mandatory and other checks.

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Hi Soni,

You can have two forms and one save button for both. You just need to add one save outside of the both two forms and make the Save button's 'Built-in validation' property to yes

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Arrange your forms and Save button as below:

Set Save button's Built-in validation property to Yes as follows:

And this is how you can have client side validations for both form's inputs inside one save button

I'm able to perform mandatory and other validations on one save button only, got the results as below:

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for your help i will try and let you know:)

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Sure Soni. :)