I cannot seem to figure out how the popup editor works. I am trying to allow the end user lookup a workorder and have them click a "new" or "edit" button and display a popup editor. Can you please provide a walkthrough on how to accomplish this?

Thank you,
Hi Kristopher, and welcome to the Agile Network.

If I am not mistaken, the Popup Editor is covered in some detail in the OutSystems 2.0 module of the Developer training, which you can find here.

Let us know if that clears out your questions.


Paulo Tavares
Hi Kristopher,

Have you checked  the usage at the style guide available here or in the espace attached?

In the Customer_Show screen you can see how the Contact_PopupEdit is called and in the PopupEdit you have a reminder on how to change it.

Thank you for such a rapid response. I am going to try this in a little bit and I'll post back.

Thank you again!
Worked Perfectly! Thank you very much for all of you help!

Thank You,