Send a list of records in email


I have developed a reactive application. In that  after some action i have to send an email to user with some  data that should be in table format fetched by sql query.

i have developed an tradition app for email sending widget. and using that as dependency in my reactive app.

As suggested in one forum solution i converted sql  query data in json format using json serialization and passing as text parameter to traditional app.

How can i deserialize the data and dispaly that in table format in mail?  (Input parameter of email only takes specific data types)


Nilam Patil

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Hi Nilam,

In Emails you also have a Preparation where you can add queries and populate widgets like on normal Traditional Web screens.

For example, I have here a query on the Preparation of the email:

And then on the email, I have a list binded to the query showing the name:

I think this would be way easier and more intuitive than passing a JSON to the email.

Hope it helps.


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Thanks for reply,

i will try this solution but i wants to keep my tradition email app separate from reactive app.

i dont want to add core(data) app as dependency in email app. this is the reason i am trying to send json 

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Hi Nilam,

That's a good point, you should then have your tables in a core eSpace which is then used in the Traditional Web eSpace (that has the email) and the Reactive eSpace (where you have your app).

In this way, you reuse the table keeping a good architecture.