Show more/Show less widget disappering when the page is refreshed.
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.9.0 (Build 32956)

Hello everyone,

                 I downloaded the moretextsample.oml module that is in this page. Mine is a comments section kind of application so I used Autorefresh component to refresh the page every 10 seconds to update with the latest comment. When it is refreshing the more/less link for the comment is disappearing. Is there any way for it not to disappear even if the screen is refreshed? Please do help!

Before refreshing: 

After refreshing:



Hello Vaishnavi,

That is intended functionality and more-ever that is the actual/only requirement of that OML. As name suggested show less/more, You can switch to see less or complete sentence by clicking on more/less link. The text is not dis-appearing, it's just hidden with more .

And if you don't want this, just remove this more class from expression, but what will be the use of this component?

Hope it helps!


Hi Vaishnavi,

Create a timer and write a logic to refresh whole page and schedule it as per your need.