Tab order in a form with a combo box widget
Application Type
Traditional Web
Service Studio Version
11.8.13 (Build 32892)

Here is a section of my screen:

I am using two forms.  Each only has 2 fields.  The first is a combo box that uses a dropdown select.

The user wants to tab from field to field. Firstly form the Billing Code to the Quantity and lastly, to the Save button.

I tried using tabindex as an extended property setting but that did not make a difference.  On other web screens the tab function works correctly. For some reason it will not in this case. Is it because of the dropdown select web block?

Thank you


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Are you using a combo box only, or some another richwidget block?

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I am using a dropdown select widget in combination with a combo box.

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Hi Leon,

Just take a look at this discussion, if it works in your case.


In above discussion, there is one oml shared, try to implement like that, Let me know if its works or not.

Thanks, Happy Coding!!