Multiple Upload Widget In Mobile Problem

Good Day Community,

I am trying to have an upload image of two on mobile. Upon uploading one image in the upload widget(AVATAR), the other upload widget(GYM) also retrieves the same without me doing anything on it.

Attached below are the image example.

First question is how does this happen?

Second question is, would I be able to somehow debug the upload widget?

Additionally I was thinking of having separate web block for each upload and would like to read your inputs about this.

Any inputs would be appreciated

Thank you.

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Hi Leonard,

There should and can be different, see an example below:

Can you share your OML so we can pinpoint what is going on?

Perhaps you have something on the OnChange which is updating both at the same time?

Answering your second question, you could debug a screen action on the OnChange.

Hope it helps.


Thanks João Marques,

The issue was really simple, the expression itself within the upload widget. It was calling out the same variable causing my problem. Your oml file helped me understand the issue.