Added class in the Style Classes property using condition disappears immediately

I have wired behavior on PWA mobile app. 

I have additional class in the Style Classes property using condition If(Locale <> "fi-FI", "", " active"). First time it works fine. But if input parameter of block is changed the active class is added and immediately disappeared. I see it in the DevTools Elements tab. I use Client variable as value for block input parameter which is changed in event handler of that block. Debbuger shows that proper value is passed into OnParameterChanged handler.
If I add the same block twice it works in the following way: the block where I click link to fire event and change client variable doesn't work but second one works fine. So the block which fires event to change its input parameter is not woks. I have logic in upper layer to process some event and as result set new state of initiated event block via input parameter but it doesn't work.
Does OS has some restriction of using input parameters and events in the block or this is a bug?

Server version - 11.9.1
SS - 11.8.13

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You use a client variable as input for your block. So when you use the block 2 times in the same screen, you have 2 different client variables? Or you are using the same one as input for both blocks?

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Hi  Valerij,

Locale var in this case is an input parameter right?

Any chance that in Parameters change event you are changing the value of this Var?

Tim, Raphael,
I use the same client Locale var for both blocks inputs. This variable is changed in event handler only.

After adding setTimeout to change client variable and input of block in another action it started to work fine.