Tree Widget and Rating

Tree Widget and Rating


I´m using the Tree component to build a Skill Tree and the Rating component for the evaluation of each skill by the user. What I need is to show a rating widget for each line of the tree (all at the same time) and the save action for the several ratings will only be done at the end but at the moment I cannot associate the ratings for the tree lines.

Can you help with this?

Thank you,

Vânia Calado
Hi Vânia, and welcome to our forums.

If you're using the Tree widget and the Star rating widget, since the tree nodes can collapse and expand, I'm thinking that for you to do what you want to, probably the best way to go for it is to edit the Tree widget component, so that it somehow displays the rating on each node as well...

It would be easier to do if you chose to draw the skill tree using a Table Records widget, or even a List Records widget... Is that an option for you? You could artificially create the tree layout, by indenting the skill levels with spaces, like this:

- Level 1
      - Sub level 1.1
      - Sub level 1.2
              - Sub level 1.1.1
      - Sub level 1.3
- Level 2

The major difference is that they wouldn't collapse or expand when you click them, but since I don't quite know the requirements of your project, consider this alternative as well!

Let us know if this helps, and how you decided to proceed.

Regards, and good luck!

Paulo Tavares
That is one option and I thought about it but the problem is that I don't know the lenght of the tree so for the user it would be easier with the collapse and expand options.

The problem about editing the Tree component is that the Rating component needs the definition of div and expressions in order to work properly and save the value associated to each rate and I don´t know how many ratings I need, the number depends of the number of nodes that are expanded.

Thank you.

Vânia Calado