Dynamically create rows in Screen's UI at Runtime
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Hi All,

I would like to create a new Row in UI whenever the button is clicked at runtime.  The row should contain text boxes and buttons. Please find the pics below for reference

Any help would be appreciated.  

Thanks in Advance


It seems like a list of products in your basket is shown.

to add a row runtime, you'll click on the button and add a record to the list returned by the aggregate. 

But we can help you more when you give some more context about what want to do with this extra row. 


Whenever the user wants to add a new item, he should press the button and the new row should be displayed in the screen, where they can add the new item details.

Suppose, if the user has 3 items , three rows should be displayed in the screen with item details

But if he plans to bring a new item into his stock, he should be able to do so by clicking the ADD NEW ITEM button, which creates a separate row for the fourth item  


Hi rajbharath,

When the user clicks the button, you can use ListAppend from System to add a new row to your list:

This will enter a new row in the end of the list which is what you want.

Hope it helps.


Hi Raj,

You can check with this forge component:




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