Reactive Web and Mobile runtime on React 16 - Technical Preview


We have released in Technical Preview, with the Platform Server 11.10.0, the ability to use the latest version of React 16 as the UI rendering library in OutSystems Mobile and Reactive Web apps.


Since its debut on OutSystems 10, Mobile apps (and later, Reactive Web apps) have always relied on React 15 for UI rendering. Since then, React has been maturing and consolidating its behavior and practices, rising to be the de-facto standard library when it comes to application user interfaces. Keeping the OutSystems Platform using the same React version from the start allowed us to provide stability in the UI behavior of your apps as the library kept evolving and improving along these years, but it came with a price. Keeping an old version of React means we cannot take advantage of their new features and improvements, hindering our ability to make your apps better.


The time has come to move forward, and we are giving you control over how fast you want to go during this period. We have adapted the OutSystems Platform to work with the latest version of React 16, but there are some behaviors that we cannot simply workaround. By providing React 16 as a Technical Preview Feature, we are giving you control over how this change might impact you. Should you find any issue with this new version, you can disable the feature and revert it to use React 15, while you make the necessary adjustments. You can find all the details here.


To make this possible, we’ve re-architectured our compiler to be able to work with multiple React versions, making it also easier to do further upgrades in the future. We’ll only make available mature React versions, which means that you’ll not be using the latest one, but a version close to it.


After this Technical Preview stage, React 16 will become the default version from Platform Server Q2 April 2021 Feature Patch release onwards.


If you are unable to upgrade or enable this feature in your environment, you can try out React 16 on a free Personal Environment. You can enable the React 16 Tech Preview by following the steps here. After enabling the feature you will need to republish your application to take advantage of the new version. 


Meanwhile, React 17 just came out. Why aren’t we upgrading to it instead?

As previously mentioned, we want to make sure we are delivering a version with a good maturity level, so we are giving some time to allow potential problems to surface. For now, we’ll be keeping up with React 16 releases. However, we’re planning to do the upgrade very shortly since React 17 is, as its team gracefully put, a “stepping stone” release with no new features, and moving to it shouldn’t cause any major impact.


Thank you, and stay safe! 

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Thanks Ricardo for this upgradation.

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Thanks for this update Ricardo!