Hey everyone,

Is there any Richwidgets version available for 5.0? if so where i can download it?
Hi Luis,

Yes, you can get the RichWidgets 5.0 version in the Style Guide solution.

Tiago Simões

We have applications using an old HTTPRequestHandler extention version. Richwidgets needs a new version of HTTPRequestHandler extention... Is it possible to have both extentions working at same time? We didnt wanted to update the applications source code because some features may stop working.

For the platform, the extentions look like to be the same but they are kinda different... They have different structures and some actions have different outputs.

Ive tried open both of them in integration studio... they seems to have similar actions but the structures are different.

I can post both of the extentions here if needed.
Hi Luis,

In theory, the extension's features should be the same throughout its life. The main things a new version brings are bug fixes and probably API extensions, but it is not common that there are breaking changes.

One example of a past breaking change that happened can be read here. However, since there's no way of knowing what version of the extension did you have, and what changed between both versions, our impression would be that it should be safe to upgrade the extension - bar some reference refreshes and slight code changes to support the new output structures.

There's no way to keep both extensions without you manually cloning one of them - and that would not be advisable, because of its future maintenance.


Paulo Tavares
Hi Luís

In fact, HTTPRequestHandler is an extension that is maintained by OutSystems R&D, meaning that breaks to its behavior should be documented in the Breaking Changes document for each new version.

However, if your version of HTTPRequestHandler is not a standard version from a baseline component, it is possible that you have functionality that does not exist in the mainstream HTTPRequestHandler.
Currently we are advising against customizing baseline components unless really necessary. So in regards to HTTPRequestHandler, what I suggest is that you compare both versions to see if there are any difference, and move all non-standard methods to a new extension. Since the source code is included with HTTPRequestHandler, that should be easy to accomplish.

If you would like some assistance, please post both versions, and indicate some of the different methods - maybe some things changed but they kept compatibility?


If we change the HTTPRequestHandler extention our Enterprise Manager stops working and users cant login on EM. We have applications using EM and the login stops working to. Ive checked service center logs and it says "User permission required". Ive undo the changes and EM starts working again...

If we want to use Richwidgets... we need to use that extention... do we have to upgrade Enterprise Manager to? Our currently EM use the old HttpRequestHandler.

Ill attach both extentions...
new extention used by richwidgets