[DBCleaner] When do log cleanup tasks run?
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Published on 13 Aug 2020
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This is a pretty dumb question.  I recently received an email message from OutSystems warning me that my personal environment had run out of space.  I was a bit surprised because it is not very active.

I checked disk space utilization in the environment and then went to DBCleaner and dug into things a little more.  99% of my 2GB allowance was devoted to logs.   I went into the Log Cleanup tab and created cleanups for the logs that were too big.  Nothing seems to have happened.

When do these log cleanup timer tasks run?  Do I need to do something else?

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Hi Dave,

When you select the option to clean a table in DBCleaner, you are actually triggering a background action to clean them, so it can take a few seconds for the cleaning process to start and then to finish.

You can refresh the page in DBCleaner a few minutes after and you should see the difference.

If you have seen the warning in LifeTime that you are running out of space, take into account that metrics in LifeTime are only updated every few hours, so it can take a while before you can see the database space up to date.

If you wish to avoid this situation in the future, you can take a look at DB Cleaner with Steroids (based on DB Cleaner) which as a few add-ons like scheduling cleaning of old versions.

Kind regards,

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Thank you very much for replying.  That's weird because nothing has changed:

The various entries in the Database Table Size tab of DBCleaner still shows the various logs taking up well over a gig of space.

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Free space is released once  a week in Personal Environments, usually around Sunday/Monday depending on your timezone

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Thank you, Hanno.  I guess that answers my question.  I've done what I can and the rest is up to OutSystems.

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It is a nearly a week after the previous discussion and, sadly, no space has been returned:

I have cleaned up old versions, created tasks to cleanup old logs (which occupy much of the space used).  Space has still not been restored.  What should I do now?