Installing OS in a new server using the same database server

Hello, I'm installing outsystems in a new server and migrating an existing application, I want to keep using the same database server as the old application.
Can someone refer me to some documentation regarding the database part?

Thanks in advance,



Never personally test with existing database, but this should be in configuration tool

Hi Joaquim,

I don't now the exact set-up you have, so I hope can point you to the right direction.

When you go over the download page of the platform server, you can check out the installation guide that is provided. There you can select how your setup is and it will tell you step by step how to install the platform on the server.

What Toto is saying is true, you can adjust the database connection in the configuration tool. It is also possible to export the configurations of your existing environment and import them in your new environment. In that case you don't need to migrate the applications, because they exist in the database.

Here you can see in the Configuration Tool where you can set the database settings:

But I suggest to use the installation guide step by step to install the platform and configure it to your existing database.

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