Display binary data of all types

This seems to be a well discussed topic but am yet to find a satisfactory answer. I am creating a reactive web application. I have stored documents of various types (eg.jpeg, pdf, doc) etc in an entity table in an attribute of binary data type . I have a table on a page showing all documents of all types related to a specific user. I have been able to display one type of document eg PDF using an iframe  widget or jpeg using image widget but I want to display documents of all types. I have read answers that suggest  Web Previewer (only supports traditional) and  fileviewer(mobile support only) and these basically aren't the solution. Please can someone advise?

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Hello Andrew,

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Maybe you can try this component: https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/7092/reactive-web-previewer

It is based on Web Previewer, but for Reactive Web Applications.

Hope that this helps you!

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Rui Barradas

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Hi Rui

Thankyou so much. I've wasted hours going through forum answers on this today and its just taken me 5 mins using the component. Looks great.