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I'm trying to develop an app for end of shift reports.  The admin will develop a template in a ReportTemplate table with A one to many relationship with a ReportItemTemplate. The template is used to load a temporary table with the prompts and the specific control required.  

I go through each row in the temporary table and show prompt for that row and a control to for a user to answer the 'question' ask by the prompt.  To do this, I see if a prompt is provided for that type of control (or a header or sub section header).  Controls  currently can be a check box, a textbox with one line, or a larger textbox (3 lines) that I call 'FreeText'.  Headers and Sub Headers are prompts without a control.  (see Screen Shot).

I'm currently trying to use a List Records to do this (it creates the attached screenshot) by using containers to only show a prompt and a control linked to an column in the TemporaryReportItems table.  The screen displays like I want it to, I can enter values in the controls, but I can't get the values in the controls back into the TemporaryReportItems table from the List Records.  

I try to use a loop in a save screen action by looping through the TemporaryReportItems table and adding the data from the List Records object, but when I try to set it up I get "'Cycle' path must return to the for each element.

Am I using the right tools to do this?  If so, how can I get the users answers into the TemporaryReportItems table from the List Records.



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It is related to your loop implementation

Can you share me the oml

Hope this help

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Yes. Here it is. Thanks.


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Hi James,

You can take a look at this post which reports the exact same problem you have and the respective solution.

OML in attachment with the solution applied.

Hope it helps.