Filter using Combo Box

Hello! Help me please. Faced a problem, I have a column with numbers of 2 types: 1) begin with the letter "D" and 2) begin with the letter "KK". You need to make a filter, I created it using COMBO BOX, where you need to select "D" when choosing # 1, and "KK" when choosing the second. I tried all the options, unfortunately I can't do it. Please help



If I understand it right, you need to filter data start with letter D if choose D in combo box, and data start with letter KK if choose KK in combo box.

The solution for that is

  1. to trigger the change of the combo box 
  2. reload aggregate with condition: data like "value of combo box" + "%"

Hope this help

Yes, you understood correctly, I tried your version, but it didn't work for me or I'm doing it wrong


Hi Kenny,

Apply a onChange action on combo box when you select any value and filter the aggregate using Refresh data on OnChange with condition as [columnName] like "%" + [option you have choosen](variable) and then apply Ajax Refresh to refresh widget of the data.

Ex: Employee.Name like "%" + "ny" (Refreshing aggregate with this condition will filter data for all the employees who has 'ny' included in their name like Kenny, benny etc )

Hope this helps Thanks!!

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