How to select two Button's Id for balloon widget
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How to select two Button's Id for balloon widget?

I want to display same ballon differnt button.

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I don't quite got the question, but if it the id, you can put on the "name" properties on the button, it'll become the id.


Can you please give more information to us?

If you want to hit 2 button on single action then you can use widget_click action.


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Hi Koya,

You need to do following

  1. create one local variable to check if the Button1 is clicked (Ex. IsButton1 boolean Variable) inside screen.
  2. OnClick action of button1, Assign IsButton1 = True and ajax refresh balloon widget
  3. OnClick action of Button2, Assign IsButton2 = False and do ajax refresh.
  4.  Inside Balloon Widget's WidgetId Property, use condition - If(IsButton1, Button1.Id, Button2.Id)

Hope this will works, Thanks ;)


A solution a little bit more simple, as the buttons are displayed together is:

-  to enclose the two buttons in a container;

- fill the container "Name" property

- assign the balloon to the container Id. 

Hope this help