reduce overhead in webpages

First of all, I like the platform very much.

But I'm still somewhat bothered with one thing very much, the overhead of a simple page.

here is a simple page. as you can see, nothing really important there. a nifty menu, header, basically the styleguide ;)

now, here is what yslow is giving us:

imho, 472Kb for a page like that is just overkill. Not to mention 23 Httprequests(!).
When you dive deeper into yslow, the big chunk of the 472Kb is Jquery, so I can live with that (barely),
but with the 23 httprequests I cannot. I have no even added some webblocks because that will increase the number of httprequests.

I really hope the next patches of OS will look into this, because combining js and css is an easy way to decrease the number of requests.
Hi Joost,

You are right. That is specially true for web sites with sporadic accesses.
In the meantime something you can do that will help a lot for enterprise applications is to add content expiration headers to those static files.
Take a look into this post: Tip: Make web applications work a lot faster with an easy configuration tweak.

These way browsers will cache those files and they will be a problem only on the first access.

Tiago Simões