Send e-mail with record list

HI i made a mobile app to send an e-mail using this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NeAI3wtbvAo and it works as expected, on my screen i have a list of records that i want to send in the e-mails body or in attachment, can anyone help me?

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David Fernandes


Hi David!

I watched the video and there is boolean to state if the mail body you're sending is HTML (minute 13:18). Just write the text message as html with the records in your record list and it should work. There is also a parameter to add an attachment. It will depend on what do you want to send and how.

Can you explain better your use case?


António Pereira

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Hi, i just figure it out, i had an assignment further below that puts the body in HTML i remove and now the order is ok. Thanks for helping me.

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