Web Page behind SEO does not render as expected

We have an on prem setup. one internal server and another on a public segment. The public server is behind some infrastructure that arrives on with a base uri that has "apps" inserted after the hostname.

I have an SEO on the public part that rewrites, www.sample.com/apps to the "none-site default" and that end up at the root. This works partially.

The internal server,  does not do the seo rule. and renders fine.

should be this

Anybody had the same issue or could advise?

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Hi Jo,

It seems clear by your picture that the loading of the CSS file is failing, hence your styling is not there.

My suggestion would be to inspect your page using Developer Tools, and see the files that are failing under Network:

You can see from which path is he trying and failing to load the CSS and this should help you pinpoint if the URL is failing or there is something blocking the CSS file.


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Hi João,

it looks as if it is not rewriting the OutSystemsUIWeb uri's.

So the browser is looking for them not using the /apps and is blocked by the reverse proxy.

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yes i saw those.
As far as i understand it, these cors errors are a consequence of the reverse proxy replying, in stead of the outsystems server.


302 Moved Temporarily

And after that redirect, it will trigger the cors errors.

Thanks for looking at this :-)