SQL*Net break/reset to client
Application Type
Traditional Web
Platform Version
11.9.1 (Build 20359)

Database sessions still running with the status "SQL * Net break / reset to client".

According Oracle's information:

SQL*Net break/reset to client (%)


The server is sending a break or reset message to the client. The session running on the server is waiting for a reply from the client.

These waits are caused by an application attempting to:

  • Select from a closed cursor
  • Select on a cursor after the last row has already been fetched and no data has been returned
  • Select on a non-existent table
  • Insert a duplicate row into a uniquely indexed table
  • Issuing a query with invalid syntax

If the value, v$session_wait.p2, for this parameter equals 0, it means a reset was sent to the client. A non-zero value means that the break was sent to the client.

Anyone knows what I can do in this case?


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I think your best bet is to send this question to OutSystems Support.

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Ok, Kilian Hekhuis.

I will open a support ticket.