Timeline Pattern, where has the line gone? Reactive Patterns

The vertical line in the timeline pattern seems to have disappeared, was this an intentional decision? The support documentation still shows some screenshots with the timeline. IMHO it needs to have the line!


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Hi Robert,

I'm using version 2.5.5 of OutSystems UI in my personal environment.

I tried to replicate your issue but for me the line is appearing, see:

What version of Outsystems UI are you using?

Did you changed anything from CSS? May be a problem with some custom class.

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)

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Maybe it's just the Patterns website?


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Hey Robert, 

Probably yes!

I checked both samples, the one from patterns web site and the one from my environment:

The CSS is the same.

What is happening in the pattern site is that they must have used the Timelines Items in different divs, and for that the class that hides the line for every last item is always being applied.

See what happens if I remove this class from pattern web site:

The line is there. Is just hided because of this class.
And it is being applied probably because of the hierarchy of Divs :)

Don't worry, it will continue with lines in your code.

But if you want to warn OutSystems Support about the Patterns Website problem, just open a Support Ticket for them

Cheers and Regards,

RR :)