Local list becomes unavailable after ListAppend

I'm running into a very weird issue. We have client logic that is used to handle a 'ProductSelected' event. A product comes in and is appended to the list.

When the flow starts, the ProductList is (correctly) showing empty. However, after the ListAppend, the list shows unavailable.

I have already found that the debugger might show variables as being unavailable, but in this case, the productlist is returned empty as well. It's not just a debugger problem.

Hi Remco,

It seems very weird, Could you try having a local variable of type of product ID and store this id into selected product id. then try to append that selected id to the list.

and secondly,

Every time some one select or deselect you are sending list so, I would recommend to do something like.

Have an Boolean variable(default to False). now every time when user selects the product just filter the list by only selected items. then send  trigger event. (By doing so you can reduce two operations).