Subscribe an application to an AWS topic - SNS
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I have a ESP8266 that is sending messages to a topic in AWS - SNS. 

I want that Outsystems get this Messages and save in Database to make charts, etc.

I made this communication using this Forge Component - https://www.outsystems.com/forge/component-overview/1944/mqtt-mobile-client  and it worked.

But the problem is that the actions for the connection are on the screen. So when the app is close I don't receive the messages anymore.

There's a way to make this connection on Server Side?

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Usually Outsystems apps follow client -server architecture, The client (in your case mobile app) makes the request, the server processes it and sends the response back to the client.

Some use cases like chat application requires server to be able to send messages to the client. In order to acheive, you need something like a web socket connection such that server and clients have a socket connection where messages can be sent from server to client. 

Worry not, you don't have to build web socket server, You can use a third party service like Firebase or OneSignal on the app and notify the mobile app when you receive any message from SNS. 


Hope this helps!