Import backlog into new ANP project

Import backlog into new ANP project


I am setting up a new project in ANP (from scratch, not from a sizing), and I have a large list of work items in another project, out of the backlog, that I want to import into the new project. I exported this existing list of work items to Excel. In the new project I created a sprint with the same name, stories with the same name, and added the same resources as in the previous project. I renamed the project name in the Excel to the new project name. However, nothing happens when I import, also no feedback message is given.

Does anyone have experience with this, or know what validations are done during the import?

Although the scenario above should have worked, I just learned a much easier way to move the work items from one project to another:
        - Create an out of backlog sprint in your old project;
        - Set all the work items you want to move to that sprint;
        - Then, go to the sprints page, and press the button Move of that sprint (is only available for out of backlog sprints);
        - Here you'll go to a page with a drop-down with all the projects where you have manager permissions;
        - Choose the new project and press the Move Sprint button.