Data Reappears Magically after DELETE FROM Action
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Hello everyone,  new to outsystems (5days!), but thanks to the documentation and forums I already made a lot of progress

Well, the weird thing is, AFER USING DELETE FROM {SuscriptionsTable} the data erases as expected, I can no longer see it on any report... 

Left click to "VIEW DATA" under Entity Confirms the table IS empty... 

But.... after a while, if I click around between Screens, it comes back!!!

For context, My app is an app to Process Data that will come from 2 different CSV once a week, so I had to make a way for the user to upload the data to the proper Table weekly, to do this

On CSV 1- 

- Made a clear button to erase Entity Data so I could test the upload and proper insert of my CSV

- I made a button and I managed to insert the data correctly into the database

- CSV imported data appears properly, it is stored in the Entity and it shows in my Screens report.

On CSV 2

- I also used the clear button to wipe Entity Data, so far so good

-I'm having some issues importing my second CSV since its a more complex entity, it's not uploading and doesn't show in any report (this is not the issue I'm asking help for tho). 

So the upload fails and the Table Reports are empty as expected... like I said above, its weird, if I publish again, the data remains empty too, but if I thinker with the screens and wait. It will magically re-appear

Any experience with this?

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Hi Micaela,

Please check if you are using bootstap for data then when you publish app and entity is empty data will insert again by previous file.

May be you delete data from screen and your app publish then data will come again.

Hope this will help you.



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Omg, I feel so dumb, 

I knew about the timers but I didn't think the possibility of them inserting my old original excel back in the table...
Of course that doesn't happen with my first CSV because it loads correctly, preventing this issue with reload.

I wasted like 2 hours browsing google and documentation and you fixed it in like 30 seconds hahaha


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Glad to help you.