[Feature Toggle Management] Infinite loop between FeatureToggle_Mng and LifeTimeSDK
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Published on 28 Oct 2020
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When trying to access to the LifeTime plugin "/FeatureToggleManagement", the browser shows an empty page but underneath (within the iframe that exists in the page) is in infinite loop between FeatureToggle_Mng default entry and LifeTimeSDK login page.

This only happens after being logged in LifeTime.

I have followed the installation manual, have I missed anything? Can you help? 

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Hi Tiago,

Thank you for reaching out.

We have not been able to replicate the issue so we would like to request additional information:

  • What is the LifeTime's platform server version?
  • What is the LifeTime SDK version?
  • Has SSO between App Types been activated (described here)?
  • Are there any error logs on LifeTime related with this situation that you can share with us?
  • Can you successfully access the Feature Toggle management console directly ("/FeatureToggle_Mng")?
  • Is there any detail that you can add to the steps to replicate the issue?

Thank you again.

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First of all Gonçalo, thanks for your reply!

In order to give feedback to you I've had to reinstall the component in the environment.

And the issue is no longer occurring!

Maybe it was some kind of incompatibility issue with our Lifetime version (meanwhile we've updated Lifetime) or missed some instruction in the installation procedure.

All working now! Thanks!