How to upload an Excel File with different data for each upload
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Traditional Web
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11.9.1 (Build 20359)

I have set up a button to upload data from an Excel file as shown here:

The screen action flow of the button looks like this:

It calls a server action (Action6) that loads the data from the Excel file.

The UploadNewPatient references a Resource to access the data.

This all works perfectly well and the data is successfully loaded.

But (here is the question) the Resources holds the data from the Excel file on the OutSystems server (this is how it looks to me), and when a user runs the action, it always loads the same data. How does one get the Resource to access the data in an Excel file on the local hard drive?

Thank you


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More details about:

- Set the button to Submit;

- Create 1 field type text, in your Excel table.

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Hi Leon,

You stay get the File Content by your Resource, that is the same result.

Sugestion, save the binary of your file upload in Screem in some table, and Send to your Acation6 that Id,

so, get the binary by Table and put this value in Excel to recordList.

After, delete this record for not have a lot of binary in DB.



Use the "Upload" widget in your screen. 

and just code like Agno explain. 



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Dear Leon,

For our customers we use either filesystem or the sftp component.

Both I have good experience with and can recommend.

Usually this involves some drive that can be accessed and where the file is published around a specific time.

This does mean however that your file should be accessible from the server.

So if you have a cloud environment I would recommend creating your own sftp server and hosting the file.

If you have the on premise environment there is the possibility of creating a network drive that can be accessed.

Of course there is also the manually upload option that @Agno Silveira  stated.

Kind regards,


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Yes Agno, I am doing this.  I must first get through the first stage, which is to save the uploaded file to the DB.

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Can you see in the list that is returned from "ExcelToRecordList" widget in the debug?

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You are looking ahead in the process.  It seems to me that the UploadFile is not uploading the file.  The user chooses the file to upload and clicks "Upload".  This widget is not loading the file.  We must get this to work first before we can test the balance of the process. 

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I created an .OML example, with functionality similar to what you need, see the details of how I did it.

Hope this helps.


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More details about:

- Set the button to Submit;

- Create 1 field type text, in your Excel table.

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Glad it worked, I'm happy to help.

Best Regards.