Flash sale on OutSystems exams

Hello OutSystems Community,

It is with a lot of excitement that we share with you today that we are starting a 1-month long sale - The Flash sale on OutSystems exams is here!

That’s right, you read that correctly! Starting today, November 18, through January 4, 2021 all exams are on sale and you can buy exams with discounts up to 50% off. How cool is that?

All you need to do is identify your next step in your OutSystems career, visit the Certification Page and purchase your exam, prepare for it and take it when you’re ready.

Invest in your career and take advantage of a 50% discount on certification exams and 20% discount on specialization exams.

Not sure what your next step should be? Try checking out our Training and Certifications Playbook, which can be helpful to understand what paths to follow, as well as available training options for you.

What are you waiting for? Apply now! ??

Any questions? Feel free to find your answers on our Learn Page

Can’t find what you want to know? Reach us at training@outsystems.com.

Thank you,

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fantastic, great opportunity!

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Amazing! Thank you guys.

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Great news!

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Thank you @Patrícia Landim! Excellent news!

Great news!

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Do we will have new specializations before 4 January? Just to understand if we can apply for the new specializations with this discount.


Best regards,

Ricardo M Pereira

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Awesome!  Thanks a lot.

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Do partners can use this benefit ?


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That's very good news

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Really great opportunity for new community members !!

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This is really cool ..will definitely help many people to plan their certifications.

Thanks Outsystems!

Great Opportunity!!! Thanks :)

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That's really great!

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Great news .. really looking forward 

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Great news, thank you :-)

Great opportunity for new community members !!

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Hi, if I buy the certification now what is the maximum period to take the certification exam?

Best regards,

João Roque

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Great news!

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Go go go... 

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Great !! Have one already scheduled, will check if i can grab another one

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Great initiative by Outsystems, it will definitely encourage more developers to become certified. 

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Great opportunity for everyone !!

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Hi ,

I registered for the exam in the morning. But i didn't get any confirmation. can someone please help?

Hi Karan, 

please cross verify which mail id your provided for outsystems account.

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Good, thanks!

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That's very good news. I have a question. If I buy exam with 50% sale and I use coupon 50%. Is it okay?

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That's good news. I've my expertise chance.

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Great opportunity!!! I already bought my ticket, I'm starting and I'm going to make the Web traditional Associate ... thanks for the opportunity !!!

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The discounts are until tomorrow 4th January but when I tried to pay the prices shown are the normal prices, I clicked in the pre-register button and followed the steps in the proctor page.

How should I proceed to have the discounts? anyone with the same problem?


Carlos Lessa

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I am trying to buy  an exam, but in the https://www.outsystems.com/training/certifications/ certification page, i pre-register with the flash sale exam price, but on Prometric web site the prices are the normal prices.

Can you guys help? Is because of the exam date or maybe the timezone?

Best regards,

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Btw, I also tried the Professional Platform Ops Engineer (OutSystems 11) but this one is to an form where I will get the contact later from the pre-register, so I will not be possible to buy with discount either, any suggestion?


I have the same issue with Carlos Lessa, I'm trying to register for the platforms ops engineer but It's almost 24 hours now and still wasn't contacted or received any email regarding it.

Last I registered for an exam it was a self checkout from Prometric.

Please advise, was hoping to buy a voucher while it's 50% off.


Hi, Patricia Landim, I have a problem.

I am not getting to buy Associate Traditional Web Developer (OutSystems 11) Certification with 50% sale (Flash sale on OutSystems exams). 

I sent an email to training@outsystems.com as you suggest in other comments.


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I am trying to register for the associate developer certification and I am not allowing the 50% discount, what should I do?

Ronny Sousa