Basic Bullet List

Basic Bullet List

Is there a way to do a basic bullet list in service studio like this (It's built in with this editor)?
  • Item 1
  • Item 2
  • Item 3
  • Item 4

The content is static and will go in the middle of a long page of text.  It seems like a list records widget or unescaped expressions is overkill.

They don't have any built in controls to do lists.  You have the List Records Widget that you can set to display as a list.  Otherwise you have to insert expressions in front of the text and set it to not escape the text.
If no one has submitted a Wisdom of the Crowds on this already, they should. I think I may have a while back, though.

Hi all,

Although the widget would be nice, this is also achievable through css (display: list-item).


Do you have an example of adding bullets to something other than a LI tag?  What tag do we attach the style to?

Hi Tom,

You can define a class like so:
.Bullet {
   display: list-item;
   list-style: disc inside;

and then apply this class to a container.
You can also add left padding to simulate different levels

.Bullet_SecondLevel {
   display: list-item;
   list-style: square inside;
   padding-left: 20px;

I submitted it a while back but they weren't sure if they needed it or not.  B-)  I'm hoping to not have to do any more coding than necessary for a bullet list.  I put in an idea to add bullets:
Andre, thanks that's working well.

Rebecca, doh' I had entered one too.  Can I delete mine?
What's the url of your's?  I can merge it with mine.
I voted for yours and deleted mine.