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I have a context where there are sections and a section can have multiple items. In the SectionDetail web screen I have a list records that shown the items associated with that specific section. When I click in a list record item I want to show in this SectionDetail web screen the content of the ItemDetail screen. Do you know how to properly achieve that?

I have the OML with the issue.



Hi Jake,

You just need to:

1. Create a webblock to display the details of an item given the item id
2. Create a local variable to hold the value of the item selected;
3. Drag the webblock on the part of the page you want to show the information of the item using local variable created in 2.;
4. On clicking the item from the list, you assign the new item to the local variable created in 2. and AJAX refresh the webblock created in 3.

I hope the OML in attachment can help you.




Hi Jake B.,

you can create a one webblock and pass input parameter as a identifire and fatch data from aggregate by this input parameter.

and use this webblock on popup or some other section on screeen .

Hope this will help you.



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