Trigger Ajax Refresh of a web block

You can add an Ajax Refresh to an Action in an espace ... but is there a way that you can pass in which element id needs to be refreshed instead of linking to the object itself.  I have put a web block (from another espace) on a page and after the user does an action in this web block, I need to trigger a refresh of something else on the current page (displayed value).
Here's what I would do:

In your web block action, instead of "end" you would put a "destination" to the page you want something refreshed.
You then have an input variable in this page that receives the value you want to update. 
In the preparation of your page you can assign the input variable.


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I needed something similar, and found the example here: to be of use.

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I have a web block where I have this hi complex widget. And I need to refresh some of the elements in it, but I'm working In very diferent layers of web blocks. Do you know some solution to refresh just an element by his Id?

Refreshing the whole widget or applying some destination trick will not serve my purpose, as I want to optimize preformance.

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José Queirós
Well, it's difficult to say without a good example, but I think the only way - safe going the JavaScript route - is the one detailed in that post, i.e. have the widget that causes the refresh to be necessary do a NotifyWidget, and have the screen or webblock the widget is on capture its OnNotify, and do the necessary refresh (or pass on the notification by doing another NotifyWidget). You can use the String_Split action (text extension) for primitive deserialisation if you need to pass more than one parameter.
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I think I have a similar issue:

But in my case, I’m using a List_BulkSelect widget, that doesn’t have OnNotify property…

In this case how can I trigger an ajax refresh (After select all rows in that table page)?

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Filipe Feijão