How to build a Solution which will work on every Activation code?

Hi Community!

We are building our own product on Outsystems platform. There would be two components: (1) Core modules, which no client should be able to decode, and (2) Templates - just simple sets of predefined functionality, open for every client for analysis and re-use.


1. How to wrap up Code modules into a Solution and lock it with a serial number? Case: client is purchasing our product, we provide him Outsystems license and our product license as well. Key here is that the Core source code is developed under our own license off course, it has versions and stuff, so it's hard to push it through IPP every time and for every client. We need simple way to provide new release to clients, who will be able to use it if the Serial/Activation code is still valid.

2. For Templates - we need no Serial/Activation lock at all (as they are useless without the Core). We need to be able to just upload Templates to our Customer Portal and then everyone should be able to use them.

How to do those things? I've been on client side for Outsystems before, so I know it is (or at least it was) definitely possible.



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Hi Yuri,

If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV)or an Managed Service Provider (MSP), then you can get arranged by OutSystems, contact your OutSystems shared partner contact person or Partner success manager for details.

As far as I know modules can be distributed, while not edited. So don't believe the solution as you describe is how it works, but the end-effect (protect your IP from cloning) is possible IMHO.