Community Recognition: Ideas Implemented

Hello OutSystems Community,

We’re back with another edition of “Community Recognition” post and for this edition we wanted to highlight a special group of individuals whose ideas help shape the new OutSystems Forum experience!  As some of you may have noticed, last month we rolled out a new forum experience all based on our community members’ feedback! 

Here’s a quick recap of what’s new on the OutSystems Community Forums: 

In honor of last month’s announcement we wanted to highlight our community members who made these enhancements possible through their ideas in improving our online community. Please join me in congratulating the following community members for their idea contributions:

Idea Contributors:

  • A mandatory flag in the Forums discussions to help categorize between Mobile, Web or Both

  • Change Top Poster to Top Solvers

  • Separation of development types (web traditional, mobile, reactive, general)

  • Users can determine the type of post: question vs discussion

  • Improving the “Reply To” feature on Forums 

  • Filter on solution and no solution in Forums

  • While creating a new post, users can add the application type, service studio version, platform version and forge component to posts
  • Like/Dislike should be +1 not -1

    • Sienna (OutSystems Developer at Green Lemon Company)

    • Idea

  • Improving the “Like” button to see whether the item was liked by the user or not

  • When replying to a post users can also decide whether they would like to follow or not

Thank you all for your fantastic feedback and ideas! We hope to see many more of your ideas implemented in the near future. 

Have a favorite idea shared by a community member that you would like to shout out? Please share in the comments below!

(These ideas are live as of October 26)

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I liked the enhancements done!!

Happy with new enhancement.

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wow,  these are really great enhancement for the forum and will improve the user experience.

Nice to know

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Glad to know. Thanks team!

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Great, Thanks to the contributors

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Bravo! , Thank you OutSystems Community Team!

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Thank you so much to bring them implemented